We don’t coach, we educate

At Tuition Academy, we are passionate about helping all students reach their full potential with our high quality, ability-based affordable tuition in Medway and Maidstone. We deliver results-driven learning using a structured scheme of works in line with the National Curriculum.

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We offer specialist 11 Plus exam preparation aimed at equipping students with the knowledge and the skills to confidently pass the 11 Plus exam and succeed at every stage of their grammar school learning journey.

Our 11 Plus tuition includes English, Maths, Verbal, Non-Verbal, and Spatial Reasoning.

How we teach 

Tuition Academy gives students a back-to-basics learning experience. Small ability-based classes of up to 10 are led by experienced specialist teachers and teaching assistants passionate about their subject. Group learning is supported by one-to-one support, helping every student thrive at their best individual pace.

Teaching for life success

We realise how important the love of learning is for future life success, so we make studying at Tuition Academy enjoyable and stimulating, nurturing students’ self-discipline, independent thinking, and confidence.

Local expertise in achieving results

We firmly believe that every student gets the best shot at achieving their target grades and test results by regularly attending our weekly classes and completing homework. Our own children have gone to classes at Tuition Academy and successfully gained admission into local grammar schools – a testament to our family-run and community centred approach to tuition in Medway and Maidstone.